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Meet my son Max. He's 2 years old and just been given his first set of clubs by Santa. To further educate other mums and dads, i will document Max's golf progression in Max's Golf Blog. I'll show you exactly what to do when starting a 2 year old learning golf.

The level of instruction I'll use for Max will vary from zero, to bare basics, to important fundamentals, and finally, to more advanced swing mechanics much further down the track. You will see how i carefully gauge Max's development and ensure his clubs are not too long or too heavy. Max will learn golf using US Kids Golf product (catalogue) and following the USKG clubfitting size chart.

Many parents are not aware their 2 year old can begin to learn golf. You just need to know how to begin and the do's & dont's when teaching a young child a highly skilled sport, such as golf.

In many cases, kids miss the opportunity to learn golf. Other sports such as Aussie Rules, Cricket and Foot Ball take over. If a child has the opportunity to learn a team based sport, plus, an individual based sport, they're given a great opportunity to enjoy the benefits that both styles offer. Most kids by the age of 8, 9 and 10 have already chosen their sports. Hopefully documenting Max's golf journey, will enable more kids to try golf at a much earlier age than first perceived.

I hope you enjoy following Max's progression as he begins to learn a GAME FOR LIFE that has real potential of teaching him many life skills he can take forward into adult life. Always feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Max's golf or your own child's golf :)

Always remember, it's FUN before FORM!

Coach Leon